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And yes, you may have guess it, it’s a proven future-proof retail strategy combining with A.I. data tech.

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Bridge gaps between you and your customers and build a pathway to their hearts with any of these retention features

“We gives you total control over your member and loyalty program, consumer engagement and tool for revenue growth”




Engage slices and dices all your customer data collection from your local campaign to create your very own customer model.

“We believe that that every customer behavior Is different and multi-faced”




Understand what makes your customers tick

“Why manual when we can automate it for you? By using the Recency, Frequency and Monetary (RFM) methodology our AI automatically segments your customers”




Laser targeted personalized engagements

“You will understand what makes your customers tick, and can easily leverage on every data point (all 125 of them), then creating hyper targeted personalized campaigns”

What is ENGAGE?

Creating unique experiences & personalize interactions for your customers.

A digital loyalty solution, CRM, and analytics software – in web browser & mobile app. Forget about the expensive POS system, stamp cards, birthday cards, vouchers – do it digitally now. 

Oh, did we mention, it’s so affordable that mom and pop shops are using it! 

Unlimited to everything – followers, stamps, push messages, personalize rewards, privilege cards, birthdays, happy hours. Lastly, unlimited transactions & customers.

Making your customer feel special

with every action & transaction they make

Tier Privilege Card

You can reward your customers with three membership tiers. The higher the tier, the more awesome the privileges.

Basic Stamp Card

Encourage your customers to complete all stamps to receive the final reward. Say no more to traditional paper stamp card.

Journey Stamp Card

With this feature, you are able to set pit-stop rewards along the journey. This will definitely keep them returning.

Welcome Reward

Build a positive impression by rewarding your first time customer with the welcome reward.

Birthday Reward

Who doesn’t like Birthday Reward? Create a memorable birthday experience for your customers.

Happy Hour Reward

A period of time which offer super happy deals or amazing discounts to your loyal customers.

Check-in Reward

Thank your customers for visiting your store.

Lucky Customer Reward

Surprise your customers with the preset lucky customer counter.

Special Day Reward

Your can even reward your customers on your birthday. Imagine other special events.

How it works?

Your future-proof strategy & data tech – no matter the season, pandemic, or industry you’re in.

You’re missing out – if you’re NOT adapting to this new advancement.

You get to save 6X in your customer acquisition cost.



It’s no longer about competition, but customer retention. Reason being, customers has too many options out there, but you can be their only choice.

You gain customer loyalty, referrals, raving fans, all in your hands.



Harnessing the goldmine that many retailers are scared to explore. Getting that customer to come one more time to your store and one less time to your competitor’s.

You provide a hyper-personalization experience that’s unforgettable.



Cultivate unforgettable customer relationships that they’re proud of and can’t wait to tell everyone they know about you.

You can be among them.

Growing your revenues happily & steadily.


The personalized loyalty campaign feature has helped us keep our loyal customers coming back.

Yeah Cuisine


We notice that our customers like bring recognized for their support. Made this happen with Engage

Nik Photocopy


We are seeing more regular customers and notice they are buying more expensive training material

M.S. Ecozen


Never imagine that a simple software like this can actually increase my shop sales.

Nasi Kulit Syuurga


Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. I’ve got an existing POS system, can Engage be integrated with it?

Most definitely. This integration with empower your business with seamless customer engagement flow. ZERO mistakes – anyone at the front counter will be able to handle it.


2. Is there a demo version which i am able to experience with?

Yes. Please contact us for the free demo account (LITE version).


3. Are all my customer data available to me?

Yes. Your customer data belongs to you and you only.


4. How long will this promotion last?

This promotion will only benefit 10 businesses. Contact us now before it runs out.

There’s nothing to lose. Allow us to show you the potential of your business.


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