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Sound too good? We get it.

Well, learn the ‘what’ and ‘how’ successful retailers who are secretly generating revenues from this.

In fact, they’re growing their revenues 2-3 times more than usual without being an online business or digitally.

And it has been tested over 4 different countries, with over 1000+ retailers of all sizes, generating over RM1 mil in GMV.

So, looking for a solid investment? this is it. You get to build a thriving retail business with this strategy & tech or become an investor – with a return up to 25% (effective rate) and more.

And yes, you may have guess it, it’s a proven future-proof retail strategy combining with A.I. data tech.

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Live Webinar Starts

14th October 2020 (Wed) | 9 pm – 10 pm

In this webinar, you’ll be learning:

  • Untold strategies and insights that successful retailers don’t want you to know – because it’ll 10 times your return with 1 simple shift. (too good to be true? join & witness it)
  • To invest in a future-proof retail A.I solution (even if you’re not a retailer, get up to 25% effective passive returns).
  • How to use this strategy & data combination without having an online presence.
  • Re-engagements secrets that only corporations like Starbucks, Nandos, Tealive are able to do, but you can too – with this one strategy. 
  • Untapped potential of customer retention, turning your customers into raving fans – no matter your industry.
  • How you can start immediately implementing into your retail business OR become an investor.

What do I get from this live webinar?

One simple strategy, one solid technology, one unbeatable opportunity. 

Experience first-hand how successful retailers work their strategy and tech.



You’ll be given the insider’s scoop of what tools and software that successful big retail brands uses. And how you can get your hand on it. 

An opportunity to join into this retail A.I & data tech advancement.



Engage has solid presence in 4 countries,with over 1400 retailers, processed more than RM1 mil GMV on our platform. We’re opening up investments opportunities (with a 10X ROI) to you, so we can collectively support the retail sector growth.

Pre-sell your products , based on customer behavior and actions taken.



One of many Engage feature that we observe which helps retail business most at this trying time is the vouchers, credits, special offers feature – you get cash in first, and deliver later.

What is ENGAGE?

Creating unique experiences & personalize interactions for your customers.

A digital loyalty solution, CRM, and analytics software – in web browser & mobile app. Forget about the expensive POS system, stamp cards, birthday cards, vouchers – do it digitally now. 

Oh, did we mention, it’s so affordable that mom and pop shops are using it! 

Unlimited to everything – followers, stamps, push messages, personalize rewards, privilege cards, birthdays, happy hours. Lastly, unlimited transactions & customers.

About the speaker:

It’s a LIVE webinar where you will be able to ask any questions. Ask them anything!

Yap Zhen Yang

CEO and Founder of Engage


He has been in business for the past 10 years. Started off as an engineer and then then restaurateur which motivated him to start Engage.
Throughout his journey as an entrepreneur, he has since successfully raised over RM3 Million in funds, exited 2 companies and is also an inventor and patent owner.

Cheryl Lee

COO and Co-founder of Engage


She currently leads the overall operations of the company inclusive of the products UI/UX, multimedia and product development and enhancement. Her work has benefited thousands of users, achieving over RM1Million in overall GMV. From mom and pop shop and now customized solutions for large retail chains, her work has reached out to multiple tiers of the retail industry.

Your future-proof strategy & data tech – no matter the season, pandemic, or industry you’re in.

You’re missing out – if you’re NOT adapting to this new advancement.

You get to save 6X in your customer acquisition cost.



It’s no longer about competition, but customer retention. Reason being, customers has too many options out there, but you can be their only choice.

You gain customer loyalty, referrals, raving fans, all in your hands.



Harnessing the goldmine that many retailers are scared to explore. Getting that customer to come one more time to your store and one less time to your competitor’s.

You provide a hyper-personalization experience that’s unforgettable.



Cultivate unforgettable customer relationships that they’re proud of and can’t wait to tell everyone they know about you.

You can be among them.

Growing your revenues happily & steadily.


The personalized loyalty campaign feature has helped us keep our loyal customers coming back.

Yeah Cuisine


We notice that our customers like bring recognized for their support. Made this happen with Engage

Nik Photocopy


We are seeing more regular customers and notice they are buying more expensive training material

M.S. Ecozen


Never imagine that a simple software like this can actually increase my shop sales.

Nasi Kulit Syuurga


Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Will there be a replay? 

You’ll have to join this LIVE. We’re not doing a replay.


2. Where would this free live webinar held?

This is an online event. Register and login with the link sent to you.


3. How long is this free live webinar?

We estimate for this webinar to take about 1 hour 30 mins at most. You should stay till the end for investments offers and the entire customer retention + data strategy given.


4. Is there something I can take away from this live webinar?

Well, there are plenty, insights from industry practitioners, the retail customers expectations and trends, and an investment opportunity into retail A.I & data technology.

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