There are Times I wished I Didn’t Own Retail Business


It’s not easy being a retail business owner especially during this pandemic. We feel you cause we’re retailer too.


Retail Businesses could take up to 4 years to recover. Are you going to be part of that statistic or you plan to do something about it?

We did exactly what you did!

Got our F&B Business into every single food delivery platform

 and painfully paid 35% in commission every month! Leaving you with barely enough to run your business.

We’re left with just 65% after paying out commission to delivery platforms.


Why give away ALL your profits when you can keep it all.

And here’s what we did …

Here’s what we did! An unfair, 2 Step Winning Combination

Sound too good? We get it. But here you go

Step 1 : Creating viral worthy video of your business to getting the whole world’s attention. We’ve used them ourselves – 2 Million Youtube views and countless complains for running out of products to sell. 


Step 2 : While on your sales it at its peak, capture every single customer data. Locking them in and turning them into raving fans. Imagine just 20% of them keeps coming back!

This is what I did for my restaurant. I reached out to new customers to join our program after the viral videos. Now I am able to engage them anywhere and anytime I want. 

The Step 1: Customer Acquisition


Malaysia’s top social media influencer (Fun N’ Taste) specializes in creating viral worthy video of your restaurant. 


Trust them, my businesses benefited from this. With 2 viral videos reaching 2,000,000 views, 20k+ shares and 11,000 comments. We have queues shaking around our store. 

The Step 2: Customer Retention


We’ve exposed secrets of customer engagement and re-targeting that only corporation like Starbucks, Nandos, Tealive are able to do so. And it’s your turn now – with this one solution. 


Irregardless the odds and season, our clients successfully squeezed an additional 25% sales even during this lockdown. And that only from their 35% returning customers.

Customer Engagement with Usable Data

Everyone is talking about data, but is expensive. 

After 2 years of tweaking, we’ve made it so affordable that mom and pop shops can own one too just like the corporate brands. 

If you like theirs, you will definitely love what we’ll do for you.

Once in a lifetime deal

Step 1 (Customer Acquisition) = RM2,500

  • Skillfully crafted video of your brand exposed to millions of potential customers 


Step 2 (Customer Retention) = RM10,000

This is crazy, you’ll get:

  • Your own Customer Mobile App (Click here to see sample)
  • You own Merchant Scanner App 
  • Your own Cloud Control Center
  • With up to 388 loyalty reward combinations
  • And unlimited ways to retarget each and every customers 

Attention Selangor Business Owners!

We’ve been Approved by the Selangor State Government


As a selected business digitization vendor for the Selangor state government, we would like to celebrate our achievements with you. For those of you who are located outside of Selangor, there’s something for you too.

For Selangor based businesses

Step 1

Customer Acquisition = RM2,500  FREE

Step 2

Customer Retention = RM10,000  RM5,000

Business outside of Selangor

Step 1

Customer Acquisition = RM2,500  FREE

Step 2

Customer Retention = RM10,000

Promotion Ends on 31st October 2021

You can be among them

Grow your revenues happily and steadily

Frequently Asked Questions

1. My company is registered outside of Selangor. Am I still eligible?

Yes, but only for the ‘Customer Acquisition’ promotion. You will not be eligible for the Selangor Digitization grant. 


2. Will there be a repeat of this promotion next year?

No. This is a once in a lifetime promotion. 


3. How long will it take from the day i confirm and receive my solution?

It takes 3 weeks for the grant application to go through and another month for us to build the solution inclusive of video shooting 


4. What happens if my company is rejected?

Don’t worry, you can still proceed with purchasing our solution but without the RM5,000 grant  

Check your Eligibility Now

Application closes on 31st October 2021. 


You’re missing out if you are not taking this opportunity to thrive during this times

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