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Everything you need to get started with Engage

Quick Start Guide

The Engage Quick Start Guide


Downloading Engage Business App

Tutorial 1


Downloading Engage User App

Tutorial 2


Engage Business App Setup

Tutorial 3


Business App – Stories Setup

Tutorial 4


Business App – Achievement Setup

Tutorial 5

Using Engage

Creating Basic Stamp Card

Learn how to create your digital basic stamp card in this tutorial video.

Creating Journey Stamp Card

How to create journey stamp card with Engage. From 0 to launch.

Creating Privilege Card

Learn how to create privilege card with Engage.

Creating Advance Privilege Card

Learn how to create advanced privilege card with Engage.

Engage Store Credits – Issuing Credits

Learn how to transfer store credits to your customer.

Activating Your Achievement

How to activate (or deactivate) your achievement and launch your loyalty program to customers.

Creating Welcome Reward

Learn how to create rewards for first time customers.

Engage Metric Setup

Learn how to send Push Messages based on Customer Segmentation.

Engage Guide to Staff [Engage Biz App]

Digital Stamp Card – Issuing stamps

Learn how to issue stamps with the Engage Biz App.

Privilege Card – Issuing points

Learn how to issue points with the Engage Biz App.

Advanced Privilege Card – Redeeming Rewards

Learn how to let your customers redeem rewards.

Redeeming Rewards

Learn how to let your customers redeem the rewards.

Inspiration & Ideas

Restaurant & Cafe

Loyalty card for restaurant in action.

Personalized Experience 

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