Generate a consistent cashflow.

Pre-sell your customer via store credits.


No more zero sales days. You create a consistent and predictable cashflow by introducing store credits.

Get support from you customers and incentivize them, effortlessly.

3 key reasons you should do it.

especially after experiencing this pandemic.

Enhance Loyalty and Customer Retention

There’s no way a well thought out store credit system will not give customers additional motivation to return for more. That is exactly how successful retailers apply smart Store Credit to boost customers retention and of course loyalty.

Encourages in-Store Spending

It may be illogical for some to implement Store Credit to encourage customers to spend more. It definitely works, it’s proven that customers tend to spend more than the amount in their Store Credit, usually topping up to purchase their intended item.

Get Cash Up-front

Get customers to pay up-front for your Store Credits.

Get up-front revenue from your customer to sustain your retail business and maintain operations especially during this pandemic situation.

Boost Customer Engagement (even during lockdowns)

It boosts your customer engagement and draws new clients to your physical store.

Meanwhile, your customers can easily manage and redeem their store credit in-store when everything goes back to normal.

3 direct steps to apply in your business.

simple yet easy to implement – when you do it with Engage.

Step 1

Set the discount and sell you Store Credits to your supporters (loyal customers)

Step 2

Transfer Store Credits to your customers using Engage’s Merchant Dashboard

Step 3

Create vouchers for your customers to redeem when they are back in-store