Design, create and launch your personalized digital rewards in just 10 minutes. Integrate a powerful rewards in your offering to build the best experience for your customer retention program.

How it works?

Making your customer feel special

with every transaction they make

Tier Privilege Card

You can reward your customers with three membership tiers. The higher the tier, the more awesome the privileges.

Basic Stamp Card

Encourage your customers to complete all stamps to receive the final reward. Say no more to traditional paper stamp card.

Journey Stamp Card

With this feature, you are able to set pit-stop rewards along the journey. This will definitely keep them returning.

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Making your brand desirable

and unforgettable at every occasion.

Welcome Reward

Build a positive impression by rewarding your first time customer with the welcome reward.

Birthday Reward

Who doesn’t like Birthday Reward? Create a memorable birthday experience for your customers.

Happy Hour Reward

A period of time which offer super happy deals or amazing discounts to your loyal customers.

Check-in Reward

Thank your customers for visiting your store.

Lucky Customer Reward

Surprise your customers with the preset lucky customer counter.

Special Day Reward

Your can even reward your customers on your birthday. Imagine other special events.