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Engage is the only SaaS retail technology that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to personalize customer experience using real-time behavioral data.

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The smarter way to retain and reward your customers

Every Engage product you use brings you closer to a complete customer experience.



Bridge gaps between you and your customers and build a pathway to their hearts with any of these retention features

“We gives you total control over your member and loyalty program, consumer engagement and tool for revenue growth”



Engage slices and dices all your customer data collection from your local campaign to create your very own customer model.

“We believe that that every customer behavior Is different and multi-faced”



Understand what makes your customers tick

“Why manual when we can automate it for you? By using the Recency, Frequency and Monetary (RFM) methodology our AI automatically segments your customers”



Laser targeted personalized engagements

“You will understand what makes your customers tick, and can easily leverage on every data point (all 125 of them), then creating hyper targeted personalized campaigns”


Happy clients that triple revenues by rewarding their customers.

The personalized loyalty campaign feature has helped us keep our loyal customers coming back.

Yeah Cuisine

We notice that our customers like bring recognized for their support. Made this happen with Engage

Nik Photocopy

We are seeing more regular customers and notice they are buying more expensive training material

M.S. Ecozen

Never imagine that a simple software like this can actually increase my shop sales.

Nasi Kulit Syuurga

A.I. technology recognition

Awarded and recognized by the industry as a leading solution.

ASEAN Rice Bowl Award

Best AI/Machine Learning Startup

Selangor Accelerator Program

Top Startup

Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator

Pioneering Startup for Cyberjaya Smart City

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Increase your profits even with the smallest customer base you have today.

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